We seek to work with the best companies in the world that are using emerging technology to modernize traditional industry. 


Shift is a leading online marketplace for used cars, evolving the car buying experience by pairing a technology-first approach with superior customer service.


Scoop is a carpooling app that dramatically improves the daily commute through offering convenient and enjoyable carpooling to commuters in partnership with their employers. 


Kespry is an aerial intelligence platform delivering solutions from drone data capture to industry-specific analytics.


Arcadia Power is a digital utility providing energy bill savings and sustainable energy alternatives, while creating a simpler, more automated customer experience.


Carbon has developed a patented 3D printing technology, which is able to print high-quality plastic parts at a rapid speed, bringing additive manufacturing from prototyping to production.


Proterra is a leader in the design and manufacture of zero-emission electric buses and electric heavy duty drive trains that reduce fleet operating costs and eliminate dependency on fossil-fuels.


Turvo is a real-time collaborative logistics platform that simplifies complexity through a cloud-connected solution that empowers everyone across the supply chain to make smarter, faster, and more informed decisions.

Select Prior experience

Prior to founding G2VP, our team managed the Green Growth Fund at Kleiner Perkins. Select Prior Experience reflects the G2VP team’s past and ongoing work with these companies.

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