At G2VP, we work together to find, build and support companies that are modernizing and revolutionizing the traditional industries that make up over half of the global economy.

As Investors, We:

+ Prioritize Service to the Portfolio

We are attentive to entrepreneurs’ needs, are responsive, and are respectful. We see ourselves as service providers to our portfolio and aim to be a “go-to” board member for our portfolio companies.


All of our partners have founded companies or have actively incubated companies as founding board members. We have empathy and a fundamental respect for the entrepreneurial experience.

+ Bring a powerful network of customers and co-investors

We cultivate and manage a network of more than 500 executives at major industrial and technology companies to assist our teams with product feedback, partnerships or potential customer relationships. Selling into ‘old-school’ industries takes both novel technology and novel business model approaches, as well as connections to forward-thinking early adopters. We connect our portfolio to a network that accelerates time-to-market and tests new ideas for young companies.

+ Operate as a team

We have worked together as a team for over eight years and have developed high-functioning, direct communications and processes to collaborate on investment execution and assist on portfolio work. Importantly, our journey together through both successes and failures provides us with a clear, shared view of what makes businesses successful.

+ Value integrity and transparency

These values inform our behavior with each other, with investors, with portfolio companies, and with other stakeholders. We build value through trusting relationships with entrepreneurs and stakeholders. We hold ourselves to the same standard with every company and person with whom we interact: portfolio companies, competitors, other investors, and ecosystem participants. We are equally open about good and bad news. We don’t use information as currency. We strive to be apolitical.

+ Integrate work and values

We back mission-driven teams. Our experience is that mission-driven teams who believe they will change the world for the better build more successful companies than mercenary teams. We are driven to have a positive impact, and we choose to work with companies that share those values.

+ Leverage our roots at Kleiner Perkins

Years of managing the Green Growth Fund at Kleiner Perkins, a partnership with a 45-year track record, have ingrained many of the foundational goals and practices that shaped Kleiner Perkins: a focus on entrepreneurs, active company building, and a willingness to think big. We remain actively involved with Kleiner Perkins as we continue to manage the firm’s Green Growth Fund and its existing portfolio companies. We are also headquartered in Silicon Valley, at the center of California’s technology ecosystem. This presence and network offers visibility into cutting edge technologies that will disrupt large industries in the coming years.

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