At G2VP, we invest in exceptional companies applying emerging technologies to traditional industries in novel, sustainable ways.

This thesis was formulated around a multi-trillion dollar trend: the digitization of industry. As this trend unfolds, and industries worldwide transition from traditionally analog processes to digital ones, we see tremendous new opportunities for value creation, economic and employment growth, and sector disruption. Additionally, these opportunities will unlock previously unidentified paths to sustainability and resource efficiency.
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Our Strategy

As investors, we track dozens of emerging technologies, including cloud computing, machine learning, computer vision, mobility and many others. We also develop and cultivate a network of partners, executives and potential customers in the industrial world, spanning Transportation, Manufacturing, Energy, Agriculture and Logistics. We believe successful investments will have exposure to both these underlying technologies and industries.
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Our Experience

We each bring to G2VP over a decade of investing and entrepreneurial experience, including seven years of successfully investing at these intersection points as a team at Kleiner Perkins. We look forward to continuing to work together to build the next generation of iconic venture-backed companies. 
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